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Satoyama: The Traditional Rural Landscape of Japan

Satoyama: The Traditional Rural Landscape of Japan

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Japan’s traditional and fragile satoyama landscape system was developed over centuries of human life on mountainous island terrain in a monsoon climate. The carefully managed coppice woodlands on the hillsides, the villages strung along the base of the hi, and the carefully tended paddy fields of rural Japan made possible the sustainable interaction of nature and humans. Radical changes in the middle of the twentieth century led to the abandonment of satoyama landscapes which now are being rediscovered. Te is a new realization that these woodlands still play a vital role in the management of the Japanese landscape and a new determination to manage them for the future. This multifaceted book explores the history, nature, biodiversity, current conservation sures, and future uses of satoyama. The information presented here will be of interest in all parts of the world where patterns of sustainable development are being sought.