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Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism

Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism

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An extraordinary group of thinkers, brought together by the bestselling author of City of Quartz, explore future worlds being created by unfettered capitalism.Filled with "stories of greed, exploitation and enough conspicuous consumption to make a hedge fund manager blush" (Los Angeles Times) and featured in Utne Reader, In These Times, and New Left Review, Evil Paradises is a global guidebook to capitalist "utopias" being constructed in cities, deserts, and even in the middle of the sea.This fascinating world tour takes us to Dubai, where a gilded archipelago of private islands offers "supreme lifestyles" to the super-rich and famous; Medellin and Kabul, where drug lords?in many ways textbook capitalists?are redefining conspicuous consumption in fortified palaces; Hong Kong and Cairo, where the local nouveaux riches take shelter in fantasy Californias, while their maids sleep in rooftop chicken coops; and a dozen other places around the world where unfettered capitalism and inequality surpass our worst nightmares. Contributors include: Judit Bodnar, Patrick Bond, Anne-Marie Broudehoux, Joe Day, Marco d'Eramo, Anthony Fontenot, Marina Forti, Forrest Hylton, Sara Lipton, Ajmal Maiwandi, China Mieville, Don Mitchell, Timothy Mitchell, Dennis Rodgers, Laura Ruggeri, Emir Sader, Rebecca Schoenkopf, and Jon Wiener.