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Project Power: How to Get a Business Project Done Right the First Time

Project Power: How to Get a Business Project Done Right the First Time

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Big projects fail at an astonishing rate. Whether they are upgrades of current systems or new growth strategies, tremendous resources are consumed over months or even years. As study after study has shown, they deliver disappointing returns well over half the time. And the toll they take is not just financial. These failures demoralize employees who have worked diligently to complete their share of the work. Managers use project plans, timelines, and budgets to reduce risk. However, if all the necessary activities are not identified in advance there will be gaps in the project plan. The risk becomes that the separate activities won't come together at the end. So even if project teams execute their tasks flawlessly, on time, and under budget, the overall project may still fail to deliver the intended results. Project Power guides the reader through each phase of project design so no activities are left off. This greatly increases the odds that all the pieces can be properly integrated at the end. A sample project methodology is presented to assist the reader in his or her own project. Dr. Kovach also reveals the seven secrets of effective project management. From the many projects he has participated in and been responsible for, he has identified these secrets as the keys to project success. A reader that is aware of these secrets and follows the strategies discussed in this book will get a business project done right the first time!