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Playing to Win: Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys

Playing to Win: Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys

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With these words, Jerry Jones took ownership of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, and the team, the NFL, and the business of sports have never been the same. An oilman born and bred in Arkansas, Jones purchased the struggling franchise in a handshake deal with H.R. "Bum" Bright and immediately set out to revolutionize the team's approach to coaching, acquiring players, merchandising, and stadium financing; along the way, he won three Super Bowl championships and helped transform the NFL into the nation's most popular sport. Playing to Win is a fascinating, no-holds-barred glimpse into the journey of America's Team under Jerry Jones, from the firing of legendary coach Tom Landry to the construction of the team's new $1.2 billion stadium in Arlington, Texas. Featuring candid interviews with Jones and the people who know him best, author David Magee has crafted a unique account of building what has become the most valuable sports franchise in the world.