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The Rapidly Transforming Chinese High-Technology Industry and Market

The Rapidly Transforming Chinese High-Technology Industry and Market

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Summary A number of indicators point to rapid and extraordinary shifts in the Chinese high technology landscape. This book examines how the Chinese way of transition to a market economy has superimposed in a complex interaction with Chinese institutions, industry and market to shape the country's technology trajectory. It analyzes how formal and informal institutions; and associated feedback mechanisms have influenced the Chinese high technology industry and market. A further goal of the book is to deeply investigate the nature, sources and quality of key ingredients related to the Chinese high technology industry. Finally, the book provides an insight into the status and locus of the Chinese high technology industry. Key Features Draws on multiple theoretical lenses for studying the Chinese high technology industry and markets Focuses on a range of technology industries Special emphasis is placed on ultra-modern and crucial ICT industries in which Chinese players possess a competitive advantage Provides an in-depth, institutional analysis of the Chinese technology industry Examines current debates on the Chinese high technology industry from multiple perspectives The Author Dr. Kshetri is an Assistant Professor at Bryan School of Business and Economics, The University of North Carolina-Greensboro. His previously held positions include visiting lecturer at Management School, Lancaster University (U.K.) and visiting professor at European Business School in Paris. Nir's works have been published in journals such as Foreign Policy, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of International Management, IEEE Security and Privacy, IEEE Software, Electronic Markets, Small Business Economics, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, IT Professional, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, First Monday, Pacific Telecommunications Review, Journal of Asia Pacific Business and International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce. Readership The book's primary market includes academics, practitioners, professionals and policy makers interested in the evolution of ICT industries of developing countries. Undergraduate and graduate students are also target audience. Contents Intellectual property rights and the Chinese high-technology industry The Chinese e-business industry Cyber-control in China The Chinese government's influence on the third-generation cellular standard: motivators, enabling factors and mechanisms Drivers of foreign multinationals' research and development activities in China Forces shaping the development of the Chinese technology workforce The Chinese software industry: structural shifts Diffusion of open source software: institutional and economic feedback Drivers of broadband diffusion in China The Chinese internet protocol television market China's nanotechnology prowess Chinese technology enterprises in developing countries: sources of strategic fit and institutional legitimacy Internationalisation of firms in the Chinese cellular industry Chinese high-technology firms' outward-oriented mergers and acquisitions: a case study Concluding remarks