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Ethics for Living and Working

Ethics for Living and Working

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This book explores different perspectives on ethics and the varied ways in which rules, boundaries and their meanings are constructed in our lives. It shines a light into the many ways that Applied and Professional Ethics are manifested. The essays contained within this volume demonstrate that Applied and Professional Ethics is not confined to any predetermined shape. As well as dilemmas and theories, it embraces those underlying values and world views that are of equal importance in creating ethos and community, and in enabling creative responses. Such values are at the heart of living together in professions and community. Because of the plurality of the educational and professional community, values, perspectives and assessments of values differ. So dialogue is at the heart of ethics. Therefore, this volume suggests that the teaching of Applied and Professional Ethics has to engage at all these levels, and thereby take seriously all aspects of ethics, for living and working. All of these chapters began their life as either keynote lectures or papers at the Second International Conference on Teaching Applied and Professional Ethics in Higher Education, the "Real World - Real People Conference. Ethics in a Virtual World" London, 30 August-September 1st 2005. We hope they reflect the dynamic interaction so evident at that conference.