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Me Time: Life Coach Yourself to Success

Me Time: Life Coach Yourself to Success

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* This is the manual to help you realize your full potential, by putting yourself first for a change* You can be the best business you will ever get to manageMe Time is the time all of us should—but too often don’t—devote to ourselves to develop and exploit our assets, skills and character to achieve personal and financial success and balance in our life.We make plans for other people. We make profits for them. Why not for ourselves?This book will finally change all this. Imagine you were a business—Me Inc—you would be constantly assessing your skills, assets and objectives as well as the way you were managed. The chances are that you are not doing this sufficiently for yourself. If you are not wholly satisfied about where your life is going, financially or personally, and the balance and fulfillment in your life, this book is designed for you.It has been written by two highly successful entrepreneurs, each of whom started his own business, built it and subsequently sold it for a life-changing sum to a major corporation.