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Triple Play in Germany

Triple Play in Germany

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Following the ongoing strive towards converged media and recent advancements in regards to broadband technologies, the communi­cations industry has come to face an inescapable trend in its recent years which is about to revolutionize the industry as we know it: the integration of high-speed Internet, telephony and television - or all in short: triple play. Triple play is quickly emerging in Germany, and holds the promise to change the competitive landscape dramatically as service providers raid each other's markets to steal revenues from one another. Cable operators market high-speed Internet and telephony services, while telecommunication carriers and DSL providers attempt to compen­sate for the loss of their business by aiming towards the provisioning of television and video services. This book provides an overview on the essential technology and appli­cation components, and assesses the present market situation to derive strategic key success factors for the successful implementation of a triple play offering in the German communications landscape.