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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Denmark (Oecd Environmental Performance Reviews)

OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Denmark (Oecd Environmental Performance Reviews)

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This systematic review of environmental policies and programmes in Denmark finds progress in tackling environmental challenges over the last ten years, but insists the country must green its economy (e.g. transport, agriculture, energy sectors and fiscal policies) and must face special challenges associated with health, biodiversity, and marine protection.Table of Content : 1. Conclusions and Recommendations -Environmental Management -2. Towards Sustainable Development -3. International Co-operation PART I. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 2. Air -Recommendations -Conclusions -1. Policy Objectives -2. Air Quality Trends -3. Controlling Air Emissions -4. Integrating Air Management Objectives into Energy Policy -5. Integrating Air Management Objectives into Transport Policy -6. Transboundary Air Pollution -Selected Sources 3. Water -Recommendations -Conclusions -1. Policy Objectives -2. Quality Management -3. Resource Management -Selected Sources 4. Nature and Biodiversity Management -Recommendations -Conclusions -1. Nature Conservation Policy Objectives -2. Habitatis, Ecosystems, Fauna and Flora -3. Policy Measures for Nature and Biodiversity -Selected Sources PART II. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 5. Environmental-Economic Interface -Recommendations -Conclusions -1. Sustainable Development -2. Implementation of Environmental Policies -Selected Sources 6. Environmental-Social Interface -Recommendations -Conclusions -1. Environrnmental Health -2. Environmental Democracy -3. Environmental Awareness and Education -4. Environmental Employment PART III. INTERNATIONAL COMMITMENTS 7. International Co-operation -Recommendadtions -Conclusions -1. Climate Change -2. Marine Environment -3. Marine Resources -4. Bilateral and Regional Co-operation -5. International Trade and the Environment -6. Aid -Selected Sources References -Selected Environmental Data -Selected Economic Data -Selected Social Data -Selected Multilateral Agreements (worldwide) -Selected Multilateral Agreements (regional) -Abbreviations -Physical Context -Selected Environmental Websites