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Trust and Commitment in Organizations

Trust and Commitment in Organizations

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Today, many employees are skeptical of trust and commitment in the workplace. HR professionals work diligently to build and maintain the kind of organizational culture that instills trust and commitment among employees. Organizational effectiveness arises from the communication of high performance workers engaged in trusting and committed relationships. However, few management strategies specifically address the interrelationship of organizational trust and organizational commitment in the workforce. This book answers the research question What is the relationship between organizational trust and organizational commitment in the work force? Answering this question is an essential first step for developing a strategy for increased organizational effectiveness as workers communicate and learn from one another through trust and commitment. As HR functions attempt to add value, issues such as the impact of trust on internalization, monitoring and evaluation processes and criteria become critical to the company's bottom line success. The book provides evidences that revived trust is likely to be enhanced by organizational commitment, which leads to improved performance.