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Learning to Change: Organizational Learning and Knowledge Transfer

Learning to Change: Organizational Learning and Knowledge Transfer

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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an organizational change, lost and perplexed? Do you know the signs of a change that is going well and one that is in trouble? Do you have measures of success appropriate to this change, not just the old performance indicators? Do you know how and when to back the foot soldiers who are doing the heavy lifting? How do you leverage what you learn in one change effort to another? .......Implementing new organizational strategy, whether it be restructuring, integrating an acquisition, changing technologies, or installing new business processes, is often complex, hard, and deemed unsuccessful. What begins with great hope in the design gets tricky in the day-to-day execution. Learn what is required, and what is not, to turn great ideas into new operational and financial practices that will last and be extended to other areas of the organization. ......."For those of us ready to tear our hair out, a careful reading of this book will help us to understand why change has its own life to live, and what we can do to encourage it and support it, even if we cannot completely control it." Bill Pasmore, Center for Creative Leader­ship.