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Principles of Singapore Business Law

Principles of Singapore Business Law

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This book seeks to give the reader a comprehensive overview of the business law in Singapore. The book contains 27 chapters in four parts. Part I is a general introduction to the business law where the Singapore legal system and its legal processes and institutions are discussed. Part II includes chapters on business crimes and business torts, with a chapter on negligence. Part III contains the next 13 chapters on the law of contract. These deal with the formation, content, performance, discharge and remedies for breach of contract. The other chapters in this part deal with factors that vitiate a contract. This part ends with a chapter on comparative contract law. The last part, Part IV, has 8 chapters that deal with special areas of business law. These include agency, business organisation, sale of goods, intellectual property, information technology, biotechnology, competition and consumer protection, and international business. This book is a collective effort of 17 authors from the School of Law, Singapore Management University and an adjunct faculty.KEY FEATURES(1) Pedagogical features: use of diagrams, tables and reflection boxes to clearly elucidate basic concepts of Singapore Business Law (2) Beyond Basics: some complex or unsettled issues in the law are explored in a simple to understand manner to the lay reader and highlighted in reflection boxes.(3) Devotes a chapter to comparative contract law.(4) Includes chapters on cutting edge areas of business law such as biotechnology, intellectual property, information technology and competition and consumer protection.