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SAKAE! Cooking up a Global Food Business

SAKAE! Cooking up a Global Food Business

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Despite having no prior experience or knowledge of the food business, Douglas Foo redirected Apex-Pal s business from the garment to the food and beverage industry with remarkable success. In the process, he grew Sakae Sushi (the leading brand at Apex-Pal, among many others) from one outlet in 1997 to the current 80 outlets worldwide, covering 12 major cities in 7 countries around the world.This book provides an insight into Douglas Foo s leadership motivation and drive and his passion to grow Apex-Pal. It helps the reader understand how early childhood upbringing can influence a person s leadership style years later. It also looks at the importance of human resource management where recruiting the right people, placing them at the right place and letting them grow are critical elements in growing a business.KEY FEATURES(1) Relevant background information on the CEO of Apex-Pal provided to enhance understanding of his leadership philosophies.(2) Key features of the organisational structure of Apex-Pal given to show alignment between strategy and structure.(3) Critical components of HR practices that support the company s growth strategy revealed.(4) Expansion into Russia used as a prototype of the company s global expansion strategy(5) Detailed analysis of the CEO s leadership style that facilitated Apex-Pal s growth