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10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking

10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking

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Written by an expert in the field, this book has the tools you need to become a relaxed, effective, and commanding public speaker. A clear, concise, step-by-step approach with dozens of inside tips, 10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking will help you:
  • overcome nervousness and discover your own natural style;
  • establish an immediate rapport with your audience;
  • practice your new techniques daily in conversations;
  • write a speech that builds to an unforgettable conclusion;
  • expertly blend humor and anecdotes into your talks;
  • use proven techniques to memorize your speech.
    The Princeton Language Institute is a consortium of language experts, writers, teachers, and businesspeople. Writing this book for the Princeton Language Institute is Lenny Laskowski, an international professional speaker and president of LjL Seminars. He is also the author of Dynamic Presentation Skills for the Business Professional.

    Формат: 13 см x 20 см.