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Residential Style

Residential Style

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Residential Style explores the trends talented designers are adopting in shaping residential interiors around the world. It follows on from the success of images' informative Residential Spaces series of books.
The mere mention of the word 'home' evokes feelings of warmth and belonging, suggesting places of refuge, retreat, and personal space are as much a personal statement of the resident's enjoyment of life, as a testament to the skill of the designer. Residential Style is a sourcebook of inspired kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living areas, office and studio spaces, and even meditative areas, that can be adapted to suit the reader's own environment.
The lavish array of fashionable interiors featured in this book, in styles that range from formal to casual, are accompanied by comprehensive captions that make this book useful to professional designers and the keen home designer. Interiors, from eclectic and eccentric to classic and elegant, are all included. Space planning, flooring features, lighting, furniture, window treatments and other areas of design, are vividly captured, making this an invaluable sourcebook on how to incorporate every element of decor to the best advantage.
The new format includes a section dedicated to plans and drawings. Captions are purposeful and provide information on the materials selected and individual features incorporated into each design.

Формат: 23 см x 31 см.