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Kicking a Dead Horse

Kicking a Dead Horse

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A solitary man digs a hole in the ground, near a dead horse. Amidst the clutter of food and equipment stands Hobart Struther, who has ridden all the way out to the middle of nowhere on a holy mission. But one day into his "Great Sojourn," things are looking bleak. His horse has choked to death, he's miles away from civilization, and there's not a person around to talk to - other than himself. As Hobart examines his rise - how he built a vast art collection while ensconced in a comfortable Park Avenue lifestyle - he digs deep into his own history, unearthing truths about his past while still struggling to find the answers he needs. With Shepard's linguistic flair, subtle humor, and probing insights, "Kicking a Dead Horse" is an invigorating addition to the works of one of America's most innovative playwrights.