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Traditional Jewelry of India

Traditional Jewelry of India

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"Following Untracht as he discusses all the permutations and features of Indian jewelry is much like browsing through a "National Geographic" magazine or two. The pictures and captions catch the eye, but it is the text - nonscholarly, spritely prose - that truly educates and informs. And the author, through years of residency, research, and lectures, prepares all for a thorough backgrounding in a much neglected subject. He begins well before the establishment of goldsmithery, examining the body decorations of Bengal Bay islanders as well as the religious ornaments of various regional peoples. Then, in much-illustrated detail, come chapters on the tradition of entire-body decoration, actual examples and explanations of meanings, the use of gold and silver and gemstones, three specific centuries of artistry (the Mughal dynasty), and the interchange between and cross-cultural influences of European and Indian jewelry design. A wondrous collection of data and visuals documenting 5,000 continuous years of jewelry design".

Barbara Jacobs