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The Luck of the Bodkins

The Luck of the Bodkins

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Seize this wonderful chance to embark on a Wodehousian voyage on the luxurious liner S.S.Atlantic - in the company of Monty Bodkin, whose passion for Gertrude Butterwick knows no bounds (except those set by the wild-at-heart Hollywood starlet Lotus Blossom and her pet alligator). Also aboard are a movie mogul, the All-England ladies hockey team and the two Tennyson brothers (one of whom has been mistaken for the late poet laureate and given a fat movie contract...). Also a chatty steward, and a mouse doll in which all manner of things can be hidden. This is Wodehouse afloat - a voyage of pure delight.

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 cм.