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Silver Wedding

Silver Wedding

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There was never any question that Deirdre and Desmond Doyle would celebrate a gala twenty-fifth anniversary. Naturally, their daughter, Anna, would plan the grand affair. Of all three Doyle children, Anna knew exactly what their mother wished - even as she lived her own secret life. Will Brendan, the rebellious son, even bother to return to London? Will Helen, the hapless would-be nun, embarrass them all? This is Deirdre's day, a triumph for a woman obsessed with keeping up appearances, her silvery revenge after "marrying down" twenty-five years ago. She's determined to show diem all: die maid of honor, still unmarried, still gorgeous, now a successful London businesswoman… the best man, once Desmond's close friend, now his boss…their reluctant priest, who harbors his own guilty secret. As family and friends gather, a lifetime of lies takes its toll. But what begins as a family charade brings with it the transforming power of love - and truth.

Формат: 10,5 см х 17,5 см.