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Double Wedding

Double Wedding

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Jessica and Carol, two childhood friends, are both engaged to be married. Secretly afraid her fianc? is going to chicken out, Carol is insisting on a double wedding.
Jessica is appalled at the idea: she doesn't want to share the happiest day of her life with whining Carol and her womanising boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, she has a very soft heart and is easily persuaded to agree. Then her mother goes ballistic. This is not what she wants for her precious daughter!
Carol's parents are separated and at loggerheads. Neither wants the other to be there. Who will win that war? Nadine, Carol's younger sister, is wild and disruptive and drinks like a fish - hardly the ideal wedding guest.
Will Carol's family come to blows? Will her fianc? do a runner? Will they make it to the altar? And can Jessica and Carol's friendship survive a Double Wedding?

Формат: 10,5 см х 18 см.