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Designing a Home with Wood

Designing a Home with Wood

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From the creative team behind Stone comes another comprehensive study of one of nature's greatest decorating materials: wood. Both an inspirational style guide and a technical manual, Designing a Home with Wood features this fundamental element in every imaginable adaptation: carved entryways, ornate moldings, inlaid floors, beamed ceilings, kitchen cabinetry, and more. Extensively illustrated with more than 250 full-color photographs, it is sure to inform the professional contractor as well as the do-it-yourselfer.
The book is divided into four sections. Part 1 identifies the types of wood utilized in interiors, including domestic species like oak, pine, and cedar; exotic varieties like bamboo, cork, and teak; and reclaimed pieces from barn siding, abandoned buildings, and antique furniture. Part 2 suggests the many ways wood can be employed throughout the house, and spotlights accents like wainscoting and shutters. Part 3 describes different styles, stains, and finishes of wood, along with how-to instructions for creating your own specialized effects. And Part 4 offers an appendix on purchasing and maintaining wood surfaces-as well as a complete section of "stain-and-grain" swatches. Meticulously researched and magnificently presented, this is the indispensable reference for using wood in home decor.