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Logical Labyrinths

Logical Labyrinths

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This book features a unique approach to the teaching of mathematical logic by putting it in the context of the puzzles and paradoxes of common language and rational thought. It serves as a bridge from the author's puzzle books to his technical writing in the fascinating field of mathematical logic. Using the logic of lying and truth-telling, the author introduces the readers to informal reasoning preparing them for the formal study of symbolic logic, from propositional logic to first-order logic, a subject that has many important applications in philosophy, mathematics, and computer science. The book includes a journey through the amazing labyrinths of infinity, which have stirred the imagination of mankind as much, if not more, than any other subject. As much as a textbook for undergraduate courses in logic, in particular to a liberal- arts audience, this book will succeed as a trade book for anyone who has an interest in a more rigorous understanding of rational thought.