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Next Stop: Urban Public Transport

Next Stop: Urban Public Transport

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This book explores the architectural, graphic andindustrial design aspects of the best new transitinfrastructure from around the world. New public transitcomes in a huge variety of forms, incorporating, ofcourse, subways, buses, and light rail. But also alternativemodes like bicycle sharing systems, bus subways,aerial cable cars and many others. But all share a needfor clean, clear functionality. And beyond that they havebecome important civic landmarks. Great cities havecome to be identified with their transit systems. Theirstations are often seen as gateways to a city or a district.And as such carry important civic meaning, whichdemands appropriate design expression. Designershave responded, re-examining everything from the layoutof complex intermodal transit stations to pavingdetails at light rail stops, signage, street furniture andthe interior details of vehicles.