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Brilliant Presentation

Brilliant Presentation

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Brilliant presenting can transform your career. It can save companies, inspire people and make things happen. It's never been so important. Yet most of us try to avoid it at all costs or muddle through somehow, someway. But here's the thing: you're expected to be good at it. Presenting is a core business skill - if you want to get on, you need to be good. How do you do it? - Hard work, motivation, practice and, your secret weapon, "Brilliant Presentation".
No matter what your current level is, "Brilliant Presentation" will help you become a brilliant presenter. Every aspect of presenting is covered from dealing with nerves through to the mysterious art of presentation performance. Packed full of anecdotes from the most accomplished presenters around, you'll find all the tools, tips and encouragement you need to make a sensation at presentations.
2-nd edition.