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Ew 103: Communications Electronic Warfare

Ew 103: Communications Electronic Warfare

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The third book in the bestselling Artech House EW 100 series is dedicated entirely to the practical aspects of electronic warfare against enemy communication. Like its predecessors, EW 103 presents a series of highly informative and easy-to-comprehend tutorials, along with insightful introductory and connective material that helps you understand how each aspect fits together. From communications math (mainly simple dB formulas), receiving systems, and signals, to communications emitter location, interecept, and jamming, this comprehensive volume covers all the key topics in the field. Moreover, this hands-on reference includes a CD-ROM with critical formulas that will save you countless hours working on your projects. The book also comes packaged with a unique antenna and propagation slide rule for quick communication link calculations. Unlike common slide rules, this tool incorporates newly designed scales not found on any others. To ensure your understanding of the tutorials, this authoritative book features a complete set of problems with solutions. Whether you're a novice looking to gain a practical understanding of the field, or an expert looking for a quick reference and time-saving resource, EW 103 truly serves as a one-stop toolkit for your communications EW work. Software Included CD-ROM Included! Contains time-saving formulas in spreadsheet format for the calculation of propagation losses, received signal strength, effective range, jamming to signal ratio and other important values.