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Silicon-based Inorganic Polymers

Silicon-based Inorganic Polymers

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Inorganic polymers are large molecules, usually linear or branched chains with atoms other than carbon in their backbone. In this new advanced research book, silicon-based inorganic polymers are treated by J Cypryk (Poland), G. Kickelbick (Austria), X. Coqueret (France), A. Colas (Belgium), J. Koe (Japan), W. Uhlig (Switzerland), and by M. Rehahn and M. Weinmann (Germany). Different aspects of phosphorus-containing macromolecules are described by F.F. Stewart (USA), R. De Jaeger and L. Montagne (France), and by M. Carenza, S. Lora, and M.Gleria (Italy). Tin- and germanium-based polymers are illustrated by M. Okano (Japan), while inorganic dendrimers are presented by A.M. Caminade and J.P. Majoral (France) and by V. Balzani (Italy).Miscellaneous topics covering the flame-retardant and the intumescent behavior of the inorganic macromolecules (S. Bourbigot, France), ionically-conductive inorganic macromolecules (E. Montoneri, Italy) and chiral inorganic polymers (G.A. Carriedo and J.F. Garcia-Alonso, Spain) are also addressed.