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Mining Tycoons in the Age of Empire, 1870u1945 (Modern Economic & Social History)

Mining Tycoons in the Age of Empire, 1870u1945 (Modern Economic & Social History)

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The years between 1870 and 1900, aptly described by Mark Twain as the 'Gilded Age', witnessed an unprecedented level of material excess, untrammelled pursuit of profit and imperial expansion. Within this dynamic and often ruthless environment many colourful characters strode across the world stage, among them the mining tycoons who were often among the 'shock troops' of European expansion and colonial exploitation.This volume provides a truly international perspective on the role of mining tycoons both in shaping the economic and political map of the globe, and in setting a new standard for extravagant displays of wealth amongst the world's rich. Each chapter is focussed on a biographical account of a particular mining tycoon that allows for broad and comparative accounts to be made about the individuals, their business interests, the technologies they employed and the national and internal political considerations under which they operated.Furthermore, this structure also allows for consideration of the effect that these tycoons had on the countries and territories in which they worked, particularly the often long-lasting impact on indigenous populations, the environment, transport links and economic development. By approaching the subject matter through this stimulating mix of cultural, social, economic, business and colonial history, many intriguing and thought provoking conclusions are reached that will reward any scholars with an interest late nineteenth and early twentieth century history.