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Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time

Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time

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Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time is a concise go-to resource-written in a light and humorous tone. Saving money and time can be easy and fun! This book provides well-researched straightforward advice and guidance with the "big stuff" like insurance, taxes, and investments direct from the tax and financial professionals without putting you to sleep. You will also get quick and easy ways to save on the everyday decisions, like grocery shopping, home repair and improvements, and looking your best without spending your retirement savings or kids' college fund. Written in an easy to follow Q&A format with lots of Kid-tivities, sidebars, real life examples, worksheets, as well as online resources, with this book saving time and money is a snap. Not to worry- Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time is not another book about color-coding your closet or 101 uses for baking soda. This book is for the millions of women who experience daily the balancing act between family, careers, and everyday life, while living in "turbo-mode" with no time or money to spare. Kristin Delfau is that friend whose advice and opinions we seek-the one we know will have the answers. As a Turbo-Mom herself she has researched, experimented, tried, failed and succeeded in saving money. By expending a lot of time in the name of research, she has found many ways to save both time and money simultaneously-which is not always an easy feat! All her findings are in this well written and easy to read book. Kristin is an avid reader and researcher who continues to use her time and money saving ideas in her everyday life. Kristin Delfau is a mother, wife, and tax and financial professional. She is an Enrolled Agent who owns a tax and financial planning firm in Danbury, Connecticut, a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals, and a Fulbright scholar.