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Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation

Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation

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Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation brings together comprehensive aspects of change and innovation management, providing students with an accessible and wide-ranging resource for study, debate and inspiration. Balancing theory with practice, this book looks at the human side of managing change and creativity, treating them as interdependent aspects of management and organizations. Topics include: Historical overview of business practice and theory Understanding creativity and change Managing individuals, teams, and nurturing creativity The creative economy and future of organizations Key Features: Covers of all the important recent research in the field Presents real-life topical case studies taken from the Financial Times Provides interactive resources at the end of each chapter, including questions, exercises, topics for debate, recommended reading and web resources Offers a revision quiz at the end of each chapter This book will be of interest to undergraduate students of management, as well as those undertaking a graduate conversion course.