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Start & Run a Creative Services Business

Start & Run a Creative Services Business

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Geared for the electronic age, the book shows how a freelance designer can run a successful business without leaving her computer. With the tips and step-by-step business plan in this book, anyone with creativity and design skills can run a successful business while doing something they enjoy.This book is different than desktop publishing in that it focuses on graphic design. It shows readers how to make money designing such things as book covers, logos, and advertisements. The book acts as friend and advisor in the competitive world of the self-employed designer and teaches them how to advocate for themselves.Industry specific information is presented in a logical order, appealing to the novice as well as the seasoned designer who needs advice on a particular situation. Through a series of personal experiences, the unpredictable nature of the business world is explored from a designer's point of view. For example, there's a chapter on what to do when clients don't pay, and another that offers tips for designers in economic slumps.