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Managing Human Resources in Central and Eastern Europe (Global HRM)

Managing Human Resources in Central and Eastern Europe (Global HRM)

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Against the backdrop of ancient cultures, a communist legacy and eventual institutional atrophy, many of the societies of Central and Eastern Europe have pursued aggressive development trajectories since the early 1990s. This part of Europe is now characterized by an rising economic heterogeneity and a rapidly changing socio-cultural context, underscored by waves of restructuring, privatization, increasing foreign direct investment and an emerging individualism. However, while there has been a growing interest in the transition economies in the past number of years, until now, the contemporary nature of human resource management in these societies has not been well documented in book form. This long-awaited text:charts the contemporary landscape of HRM in this regiondescribes key aspects of the transition process as experienced in each of the economies under considerationdescribes key legislative and labour market developments and reforms discusses key trends in HRM policy and practice. Authored by leading names in this field, this much-needed text is an important addition to the regional texts in the Global HRM series.