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The Changing Face of People Management in India (Working in Asia)

The Changing Face of People Management in India (Working in Asia)

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India has been identified as one of the biggest emerging markets in the world. Indian organizations have increasingly begun to understand the importance of human resources and have started to take into account the motivation, commitment and morale of its workforce. Despite great advances in human resource practices in India, the relevant literature on this subject remains scarce.This book seeks to fill the critical gap in the literature by providing a thorough understanding of the changing face of Indian HRM systems. Seeking to provide a comprehensive overview of Indian HRM practices, the book is structured into five parts: Developments in Indian HRM; Determinants of Indian HRM; Sector specific HRM; Emerging themes; and, Future challenges and the way forward. "The Changing Face of People Management in India" is written exclusively by Indian natives in order to minimise the Western bias and to provide a realistic picture of HRM practices in India. This book is a key resource for anyone studying or working in HRM or international business or with an interest in the unique Indian HRM context.