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Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge

Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge

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Ingeman Arbnor and Bjorn Bjerke’s best-selling text, first published in 1997, remains unrivalled; both in its contemporary relevance to research methodology and in its coverage of the interplay between the philosophy of science, methodology, and business. The authors make an in-depth examination into the circularity of knowledge and its foundations and analyze the repercussions for business, research, and consulting. Where knowledge is a competitive necessity, understanding its foundations is essential. The fully updated Third Edition of Methodology for Creating Business Knowledge offers contemporary and extremely pertinent discussion about the interests of business knowledge. Key Features of the Third Edition Includes several more examples, plus previous examples have been updated Offers improved illustrations and diagrams Makes the book easier to use with a revised presentation Provides useful summaries of the key points and concepts to aide accessibility Presents points of reflection to allow the reader to further their thinking on the topics Includes a glossary of terms A must have for any advanced student or academic in the fields of Research Methods in Business, Management and Research Methods. Praise for the Second Edition: "This book provides a clear and concise treatment of the history and theory of scientific research... recommended for research students in business and social sciences and as a supporting text for a course on research methodology." -Business Line