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Summer Pleasures: Second Nature\One Summer

Summer Pleasures: Second Nature\One Summer

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They were talented, ambitious women with exciting careers… but a single, spectacular summer filled with passion would explode their tidy worlds.

Second Nature.
Getting an exclusive interview with notoriously reclusive horror writer Hunter Brown was all "Celebrity" magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe ever wanted. And when Hunter agrees to the interview on the condition that Lee conduct it on a camping trip, she can hardly refuse. But after spending some time alone with the seductively mysterious author, Lee discovers the only thing she wants exclusively is Hunter.

One Summer.
A summer spent traveling across America with cynical, brooding photojournalist Shade Colby was not "Celebrity" photographer Bryan Mitchell's idea of a dream assignment. But Bryan will have to manage for an entire summer if she wants the fabulous cross-country photo shoot for a book, which they're both salivating over. However, Bryan and Shade disagree about everything - everything, that is, except the fierce attraction they have for each other…