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A Complicated Woman

A Complicated Woman

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After twenty-two years' estrangement, Bright Maguire and Nat Prince have been joyously reunited and plan to start a new life in Melbourne, Australia. Only after much agonizing thought can their daughter Oriel put aside her opposition to the father who deserted her and decide to go too.
The horrors of the Great War have retreated, leaving a thirst for excitement and frivolity, and Oriel is one of the many gay young things eager to cast aside the restrictions of the bygone era. But unresolved tensions from her past have left her ill-equipped for life in the wider world and her air of loneliness and eagerness to be loved make her an easy victim for those who would take advantage. Committing one folly after another, she stumbles from a disastrous liaison into an unwise marriage, and a train of events is set in motion that results in scandal and ruin, propelling her ultimately to the brink of tragedy. Only then does she come face to face with the truth about herself, become reconciled to her family and claim the man she has dared to love.

Формат: 11 см х 17,5 см.