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The Great Depression & New Deal: A Very Short Introduction

The Great Depression & New Deal: A Very Short Introduction

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A generation's failure to reckon with the wrenching changes wrought by World War I brought about the Great Depression, a foreseeable and indeed foreseen catastrophe of global dimensions. In this book, Eric Rauchway shows how the newly central role of the United States in the interwar years made errors of American leadership into world-shaking events. The scope of the crisis made way for the dramatic and controversial leadership of Franklin Roosevelt, whose New Deal set the United States on an entirely new political course.
Rauchway presents the New Deal's principal successes and failures, showing why some of its programs worked and others did not, ranging from state-centered agencies like the National Recovery Administration to the strategies that sought to empower unions and individual Americans, such as the National Labor Relations Board and the Social Security Act. At the end, he shows how Roosevelt's administration, after World War II, brought the New Deal's strategies to the global stage.
This book is an ideal introduction to the economic crisis and to one of the great policy revolutions in history.

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