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Tracing Eisenman

Tracing Eisenman

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New York-based architect Peter Eisenman is one of the most significant international figures of the postwar period. Through his extensive theoretical writings and built projects in the United States, Japan, Spain and Germany, he has influenced generations of architects and educators and opened the way for the current digital avant-garde.
This is the first single-volume, comprehensive overview ever published of Eisenman's buildings and projects, from his first work, House I (1967), in New Jersey, to his most recent large-scale works around the world. His most ambitious and complex project is currently under construction in Spain; his Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, which opened in 2005, has attracted worldwide attention and acclaim.
At the book's core is a complete presentation of Eisenman's most important projects, delineated by the academic and building themes he has pursued throughout his career, and framed by essays from international architects and critics Stan Allen, Greg Lynn, Sarah Whiting and Guido Zuliani.
Eisenman has been a legendary and cult figure for decades. This long-awaited publication presents, sums up and fully illustrates his lifetime achievement, not just as a thinker but as an architect whose ideas and buildings will resonate for many years to come.

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