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Understanding Jewellery

Understanding Jewellery

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Now revised and fully updated, this classic book brings together the identification and dating of all types of jewellery, from the late 18th century until the end of the millennium.
The first section of the book provides a detailed study of gemstones, where they come from and the testing methods which are used to identify precious and semi-precious stones, assess quality and detect fakes. "Understanding Jewellery" is unique in explaining why values vary, setting out the information in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner, linking the text to specific illustrations.
The authors, Sotheby's experts, evaluate many millions of pounds' worth of jewellery annually and thus handle a complete cross-section of what is available on the market. They have specially selected the 919 superb colour plates to show what to look for when purchasing antique jewellery and, equally importantly, what to avoid. Great care has been taken to illustrate each piece of jewellery at its actual size.

This book is already firmly established as a reference work for dealers and collectors of jewellery, and for those interested in the history and development of fashion and style. This new revised and expanded edition adds even further depth to the understanding of the subject.

Формат издания: 23,5 см х 28,5 см.
3 edition, revised and updated.