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The Bright Idea Handbook ("Which?" Essential Guides)

The Bright Idea Handbook ("Which?" Essential Guides)

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You have a great idea but just how do you profit from it? And what should you do to make sure no one copies it? "The Bright Idea Handbook" shows you how to develop your idea, protect it, pitch for financial backing and ultimately turn it into a profitable business.There can be many hurdles on the road to commercial success, from asserting your rights as creator of the idea, through to getting the funding and market launch you need. "The Bright Idea Handbook" provides practical, step-by-step guidance for understanding intellectual property law and tips on how to find and use the best lawyer to help you. The book also outlines how to make the pitch of a lifetime, plan your advertising and marketing strategy and get distribution of your product or service up and running. There are tips for tackling infringement of your idea and how to make the most of the protection you do have through franchises and licenses.If you've ever considered entering the Dragons' Den, or even if you just have a seedling idea waiting to be explored, "The Bright Idea Handbook" will help you turn your dreams into a reality.It include: the basics of patents, trade marks, copyrights and designs; how to find and brief a lawyer; sample non-disclosure agreements; funding: business angels, venture capitalists and grants; marketing and advertising; tackling infringements: injunctions and court cases; and, licenses and franchises.