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Leadership Greatness: Best Practices To Become A Great Leader

Leadership Greatness: Best Practices To Become A Great Leader

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If you have the qualities of leadership greatness - the GREAT factors - no one can stop you from becoming a leader. Great leadership does not start with what you already know, nor is about what you say about yourself and your achievements. Instead, leadership greatness is what other people say about you - after you have achieved some measure of success. In Leadership Greatness, author Tri Junarso guides you through the five qualities of being GREAT - Growth, Responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, and Trust. Junarso frames these qualities in the context of both the competencies and skills that distinguish a leader. Imbuing your values and work ethic with these qualities will help you review, reframe, and build upon past experiences as you move initiatives forward. Junarso explains how to combine ethical, social, spiritual, and psychological competencies with a range of leadership and communication skills. By following Junarso's detailed and well-organized principles, you will develop the qualities of GREAT-ness. Most importantly, GREAT leadership will allow you spread influence throughout your organization, ultimately leading to successful outcomes. With its massive reference section, you'll use this book as a go-to guide each time you seek leadership inspiration.