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Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain

Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain

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In a company ecosystem the supply chain manager is tasked with duties and objectives primarily aimed at controlling and reducing costs, while optimizing the material flows. Yet, in many organizations, common perception limits supply chain management to product logistics, materials handling and warehouse management. The supply chain manager must learn how to communicate the results of his work to show the importance and impact supply chain management operations have on a company.In this book, Enrico Camerinelli provides the supply chain manager and the chief financial officer with the means to link the value of supply chain to an organization's bottom line. He explores the problem with current supply chain metrics, shows how to close the gap between financial decisions and supply chain performance, suggests a model to provide a lingua franca for supply chain, financial and other managers throughout the company and points to ways in which new technology can help measure the value of supply chain.Using case studies and interviews with supply chain and financial experts, "Measuring the Value of Supply Chain" will help financial and supply chain managers achieve strategic advantage through effective supply chain management.