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Treasure Island GN (Marvel Illustrated)

Treasure Island GN (Marvel Illustrated)

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"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest - Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!" With this sinister snatch of piratical song echoing along the English coast, the mysterious Billy Bones ushers young Jim Hawkins into an undreamed-of world of danger and adventure on the far-flung, mist-shrouded Treasure Island. And over it all looms the towering shadow of the most famous corsair of them all - the ever-scheming, intriguing, and enigmatic Long John Silver Robert Louis Stevenson's novel of 18th-century buccaneers in search of a buried fortune in gold and jewels has thrilled and entertained readers for more than a century. It resounds with names that have become bywords for non-stop high adventure: the pirates Billy Bones and Ben Gunn and Silver himself, Treasure Island and Skeleton Island and Spy-glass Peak, and the ominous "black spot" that foretells a violent death! And the excitement is all here, in words and pictures of vibrant color - skillfully adapted by award-winning writer Roy Thomas and artist Mario Gully. Collects Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island #1-6.