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Genesis of Shannara: The Elves of Cintra

Genesis of Shannara: The Elves of Cintra

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Across the plague-ridden landscape of an America besieged by demon armies, two pilgrims have been summoned to serve the embattled cause of good. Logan Tom has journeyed to desolate Seattle to protect a ragged band of street urchins and the being known as the gypsy morph, who is both mortal and magical-and destined to save mankind unless he is destroyed.
Angel Perez has her own quest, one that will take her from the ruins of Los Angeles to a distant, secret place where the race of Elves has dwelled for untold centuries. But close behind these lone Knights of the Word swarm the , ravening forces of the Void. As the legions of darkness draw the noose tighter, those chosen to defend the soul of the world must prepare to fight with, and for, their lives. If they fail, humanity falls.

Формат: 10,5 см x 17,5 см.