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Lights Out

Lights Out

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Fifteen years is a long sentence for anyone. It feels even longer for Eddie Nye, who goes in innocent and comes out dangerous.
Eddie's rap sheet says he was busted for smuggling dope, then killed three inmates inside. Some of it is true,- Eddie wants to know who's responsible for the rest. And now he finds himself at the center of another, even larger scheme, hatched in cell C-93 of the prison he left behind. Only there's no leaving it behind. It reaches out inexorably, putting its touch on him; on his brother Jack, the successful Wall Street freebooter; on Karen de Vere, who invests her money with Jack and her emotions with Eddie; and on Gaucho, the ten-year-old liberator with a sharpshooter's eye.
Eddie will find the truth hidden in the pulse of an ancient mariner's saga—and on a climactic night in the Caribbean as filled with menace as it is with magic, where Eddie's past, present, and future will unexpectedly collide.
На английском языке.