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Rough Cut

Rough Cut

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As Rough Cut opens, Antonio "Chico" Cervantes, ex-LA cop-turned-private eye, is working on his own in Los Angeles, with the added responsibility of taking care of Alicia, the young Mexican prostitute who helped him to blow away some federates in Standoff. Alicia is pregnant—though not by Chico— and ready to have her baby any day, so Cervantes can't afford to pass up the dangerous new case that comes his way, or the nearly $ 1,000 a day the case promises.
Cervantes takes on the job of protecting Ursula Toller, the spoiled daughter of German filmmaker Heinrich Toller, from whoever it is who is trying to kidnap her in order to halt production on her father's new film. What Cervantes doesn't realize is that he is also taking on a Los Angeles street gang called the Companeros and immersing himself in the seamy, dangerous world of the LA drug trade.