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Edge of Glass

Edge of Glass

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This novel of suspense and conflict set in the wild beauty of the Irish countryside. But while Maura believes she is going to Ireland to reclaim a piece of property, she finds a legacy thrust upon her, and encounters four people set on dictating how she shall handle it. Lady Maude Sheridan, Maura's bitter, aristocratic grandmother, living in a once beautiful, now mouldering, mansion, assumes the rights of lineage; Connor Sheridan, manager of the almost bankrupt Sheridan glassworks, and Brendan Carroll, possessed of genius with glass and a fatal charm with women, attempt to assert the force of character; the elderly millionaire, Otto Praeger, tries to acquire with money that to which he has no other right. With four such determined contenders for her loyalty Maura's legacy becomes one not only of doubtful but of dangerous value.
As a story teller Catherine Gaskin has always excelled in mingling the warmth of romance with the chill of suspense, and she has never succeeded more conspicuously than in Edge of Glass.
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