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Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution

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In 1940s Shanghai, beautiful young Jiazhi spends her days playing mahjong and drinking tea with high-society ladies. But China is occupied by invading Japanese forces, and in wartime things are not always what they seem.
Jiazhi's life is a front. A patriotic student radical, her mission is to seduce a powerful employee of the occupying government and lead him to the assassin's bullet. Yet as she waits for him to arrive at their liaison, Jiazhi begins to wonder if she is cut out to be a femme fatale and coldly take Mr Yi to his death. Or is she beginning to fall in love with him?
A passionate tale of espionage, deception and love, "Lust, Caution" is accompanied here by four further short stories Eileen Chang.

Формат: 13 см x 19,5 см.