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Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach

Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach

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Macroeconomics and microeconomics are the two pillars of economics. Yet, there is a wide gulf between the two pillars in the undergraduate curriculum. Micro courses teach material that is easier but basically consistent with the content taught to graduate students and used by economists in their research. In contrast, macro courses often bear little resemblance to graduate courses or academic research. Undergraduate macro textbooks and courses seem frequently to compromise good economics for presentations that are breezy, closely linked to arguments found in the popular press, and not very intellectually challenging. But sacrificing solid economics to capture student interest is not necessary - sound theory can be clearly written with vivid examples to reinforce it.
In addition to providing a more accurate presentation of the current state of macro-economic thought, this text provides a unified approach that most macro textbooks lack. Rather than presenting a completely new model when shifting from a discussion of long-run theory to short-run theory, this book develops short-run and long-run models that build on one another in a natural, comprehensible, and elegant way.

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