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Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets

Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets

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While guidelines now exist for the financial valuation of intangible assets, managing them for maximum value is new territory for many organizations. "Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets" provides an insightful, in-depth examination of methods for measuring and managing the value of intangibles in an organization and maximizing opportunities for realizing their full value.
Management consultant John Berry introduces six critical intangible asset classes - information technology, intellectual property, knowledge, brand, customers, and employees - and demonstrates specific management techniques for each class that offer real potential to deliver value to an organization. These asset classes form the foundation for a detailed analysis that reveals such principles as:
  • The nature of intangible assets in today's transforming global economy - what they are, what they are not, and what they mean to you;
  • Top-to-bottom strategies for treating employees as a driver of value and improving retention to capture that value;
  • Open Market Innovation (OMI) techniques for enhancing your firm's financial performance through the sale and acquisition of intellectual property.

  • Intangible assets are today's drivers of corporate wealth creation. "Tangible Strategies for Intangible Assets" reveals what companies must do to gain a stronger understanding of how these assets interact with other assets in an organization to provide unique sources of competitive strength while providing specific management techniques to assist in leveraging their powerful value-creating potential.