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Marketing Research

Marketing Research

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What is bad marketing research? What are the research alternatives? How do you interpret and apply the results? These are just a few of the questions this classic text answers! The authors first show both practicing and future managers and researchers where marketing research fits into the organization and how it fuels decision-making. Then they detail each element of the process in a way that helps to develop sound decision-making skills. Finally, they spotlight how marketing research is effectively applied in today's businesses. Throughout, clear and current examples, applications, and illustrations bring the material into sharp focus!

This exciting new edition features:
  • A new focus on database marketing - one of many Emerging;
  • Applications of Marketing Research treated in depth in a new chapter;
  • A new chapter on one of the exciting and high-interest new trends in the market - Marketing Research on the Internet;
  • Coverage of the most recent developments in the field such as competitive advantage, brand equity, total quality management, and customer satisfaction;
  • Thorough treatment of the most advanced and effective marketing research methodologies, including their limitations as well as their potential for enhancing research results.

    Формат издания: 20,5 см х 26 см.
    6 edition.